The Date

I met a girl online.
She turns out too fine.
We arranged a meet at
A nearby dine’.

I arrive ten minutes late.
I saw you waiting for me.
No signs of uneasiness on your face.

You look too damn good.
You blow up my mind!
When I gain my sense
I got a feeling you had catch me
Staring at you.

We sit on a dim-lighted table.
We order Chinese.
Then we talk for an hour or so.
We create synergy.

My favorite movies series
Is American Pie.
You say, ‘Mine too.’
It’s such a sweet lie.
(You tell me later that it’s was a lie.)

It’s just 10 pm.
We decide to take a drive
Around the town for a while.
I drive through the  streets.
‘The town looks so beautiful than ever.’
I know you know why I’m saying that.
You cuddle me.
I can’t hide my smile.
By this time your home arrives.
We don’t wanna leave.
You give me your number.
You can bet I will call you.
I drove away in a shiny night.

© Archit Sharma

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